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Our Fund, SiM Dynamic Allocation Equity Income Fund (SDEAX), is a fund of funds that invests primarily in ETFs. Although the Fund has varying degrees of exposure to equities and fixed income, the Fund has a value driven, income bias. The Equity Income Fund has an aggressive allocation strategy, emphasizing equities.

The power of proper diversification (driven in large part by differing correlations between multiple equity and bond asset classes) creates opportunity for investors to participate in the growth opportunities of equity investing with the income potential from bonds - without taking on undue risks and/or sacrificing potential income.

DAILY NAV as of 8/20/15

Fund NAV $ Change
SiM Dynamic Allocation Equity Income Fund Class A (SDEAX) $7.67 0.00

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

SiM was founded in 2010 by Randy Yoakum and Gary Pokrzywinski. Mr. Yoakum is the former Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager - Asset Allocation at Principal Financial/Edge Asset Management (formerly WM Advisors), and Mr. Pokrzywinski is the former Managing Director Fixed Income - Senior Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer for Principal Financial/Edge. Randy and Gary are joined at SiM by senior members of their research teams from Principal/Edge. The Fund utilizes the disciplined, time tested, proprietary investment strategy and process developed by Randy and Gary over their 25+ year careers in investment management, including their time together at Principal/Edge, and its predecessor WM Advisors. The Fund incorporates the High Yield expertise of Gary and his high yield team at SIM

Because the Fund is a "fund of funds," an investor will indirectly bear the principal risks of the underlying funds, including but not limited to, risks associated with smaller companies, foreign securities, emerging markets, fixed income investments and commodities. The Fund will bear its share of the fees and expenses of the underlying funds. Shareholders will pay higher expenses than would be the case if making direct investments in the underlying funds. Because the Fund invests in ETFs and ETNs, it is subject to additional risks that do not apply to conventional mutual funds, including the risks that the market price of an ETF's or ETN's shares may trade at a discount to its net asset value ("NAV"), an active secondary trading market may not develop or be maintained, or trading may be halted by the exchange in which they trade, which may impact the Fund's ability to sell its shares.

Diversification does not assure a profit, nor does it protect against a loss in a declining market.

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