Strategic Income Management, LLC

– Value Driven, Income Focused

Strategic Income Management, LLC (SiM) is an independent and 100% employee-owned company dedicated to the goal of providing superior investment management for institutional and individual clients. Through a disciplined and methodical investment process, SiM has established a long-term approach to ascertain value within the asset allocation and high yield markets - while ever cognizant of the importance of income as a component of total return. Combining a high quality, focused and experienced team with proven investment approaches that may help provide the foundation for achieving long-term client objectives.
Distinct Opportunity
  • Create high Integrity and client centric operating culture consistent with founders' principles
  •  Partner with quality, experienced, and well-positioned marketing and distribution firms
  • Wherewithal to commit funds necessary for industry leading compliance and operations foundation
  •  Leverage of Asset Allocation, Economic and Investment Outlook, and High Yield expertise
  •  Ability to maintain experienced, cohesive, and successful investment management teams
Experienced, Cohesive, Focused Team 
  • Seven Investment Professionals: 4 High Yield, 3 Asset Allocation
  • Senior Investment Team members have an average of 25 years of Fixed Income, Equity, and Asset Allocation experience.
  • 70% of those years as a Team at WM Advisors/Edge Asset Management
  •  All Senior Team members hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation
Value Driven, Income Focused
  • Disciplined and methodical investment process
  • Long-term approach to ascertain value within high yield and asset allocation markets; cognizant of importance of income as component of total return